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Guidelines for Returning to the Rink

By Communications, 09/10/20, 10:15PM CDT


2020 has presented us with many challenges and there will be more to come as we begin the reopening of many activities, including hockey.  With that being said, representatives from both BBLYHA and PYHA met with Missy from the rink to discuss rink reopening protocols. 

First and foremost, both associations and Princeton rink staff ask that anyone who is sick to please stay home.  If your skater has been exposed to a COVID-19 positive person or is showing any symptoms of COVID-19, please notify your team manager (or coach prior to teams being formed) for guidance on how to proceed with practice.  If your skater is sick, please notify your team manager (or a coach prior to teams being formed) so the associations can follow the guidelines for contact tracing. 
In order to limit the number of potential COVID-19 exposures, a number of decisions have been made.  First, anyone entering the building MUST wear a mask.  Failure to wear a mask, as mandated by the Governor, may result in the person being asked to leave the facility. 
When arriving for practice, players should arrive at the rink no more than 15 minutes before the start of on-ice activities.  Anyone arriving earlier than 15 minutes before the start time should wait outside of the facility and maintain social distancing guidelines.  Prior to entering the rink, the COVID-19 questionnaire will be asked and a temperature check will be taken by either rink staff or an association volunteer.  Please check DIBS to see if volunteers are needed. 
The locker rooms will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to practice by rink staff.  For practices and pre-skates:

  • Players age 11 and older should be dropped off at the rink and picked up after.  The parents/guardians should not be in the arena. 
  • Players age 10 and under are allowed one parent/guardian in the rink to help with any equipment needs.  Entry of the one parent/guardian for children under the age of 10 will be limited to the lobby area - Exception: Parents of Mites will be allowed to watch practice (one parent per skater). 

The Princeton Arena staff are working on getting LiveBarn set up for parents to watch practice outside of the arena. 

While it is important to limit the number of people in the facility as much as possible, there may be circumstances in which a parent/guardians must also bring in young siblings. This will be allowed, but should be limited as much as possible and parents/guardians must ensure their children are not running around the facility.  We want to be clear that this is only for practices and pre-skates.  Once games begin, spectators will be allowed in the arena but may be limited to two spectators per skater. 
Each association is required to have a COVID-19 contact person.  That representative for BBLYHA is Becky Heitkamp.  Feel free to contact Becky at 763-227-0976 with any questions or concerns. 
We all have the common goal, which is to watch our skaters on the ice.  Although some may not agree with the protocols in place, we ask that all follow them. We do not want to see the arena, or hockey, be shut down due to the protocols not being followed.  We know there will be bumps in the road and we ask that we all be given grace as we navigate our “new normal” for the time being.    
Thank you for your cooperation!